European Union: Angela Merkel’s departure from view is one of the main risks in 2021 – European Union

European Union: Angela Merkel's departure from view is one of the main risks in 2021 - European Union

According to the annual report of the consultative Eurasia Group, the German legislators, who will step down after the September Assembly elections, are one of the main threats to the European Union (EU) this year.

In the “Top Risk 2021” study published today, in which it identifies some of the main risks worldwide, the advisor attributed Angela Merkel to the merits of consensus reached to the European Recovery Fund among 27 to approve the crisis 19, The epidemic is critical to economic recovery.

It was during the rotating Seminal Presidency of the Council of the European Union, which Berlin ended in December and which is currently used by Portugal, that the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism was designed and continued to protest Poland and Hungary it was done.

“2021 is going to be more complicated for Europe, partly because Merkel is leaving, which leaves [Emmanuel] The leading macron of the European Union. But he is much more concerned with internal issues, which are financially more difficult than the people of Germany. This means that the EU has a weak leadership, ”President Ian Bremer said in a presentation of the report today.

Angela Merkel announced in late 2018 that she would not run for a fifth term, except for her position since 2005, after several electoral failures for her Christian Democratic Party (CDU).

General elections in Germany are scheduled on September 26, 2021.

According to the American politician, the European Union will face an economic crisis this year due to the “hangover from restricted imprisonment during the winter” and the end of “hibernation” of populism in countries such as Italy, the Netherlands and France. Fatigue with restrictions and frustration with vaccinations ”.

The United States presidential transition, along with the continued impact of the worldwide Kovid-19 epidemic from Donald Trump, the fight against climate change and the risk of computer attacks, are other dangers highlighted in the report.

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