Even with the lockdown, sporting competitions continue in England

Even with the lockdown, sporting competitions continue in England

UK currently has over 2.65 million confirmed cases of Kovid-19 Photo: Adam Dewey

Elite sports competitions, including the English Championships, may continue in England on Monday (4) despite Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s decision for a new national lockdown. This measure was taken to control the outbreak of the more infectiously caused infection of the new coronovirus (Kovid-19).

There are currently over 2.65 million confirmed cases of Kovid-19, with over 75,000 deaths in the UK. A new daily record of 58,884 new cases of coronavirus was reported on Monday.

England followed neighboring Scotland enforced a strict lockdown with instructions to keep the population at home, but allowed professional sports competitions to continue.

Facilities for outdoor sports, including open gyms, tennis courts and golf courses, will be closed and unless professional sports elite such as the English Premier League are allowed team sports.

In football, the English League Cup semi-finals are to be played next Tuesday and Wednesday, followed by the third round of the FA Cup, starting next Friday.

The Premier League will also have to deal with a post-match clash of four matches due to the Kovid-19 outbreak over Newcastle United, Manchester City and Fulham.

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