Fabrício Werdum takes a break from his career, invests in companies and enjoys life in Florianópolis

Fabrício Werdum takes a break from his career, invests in companies and enjoys life in Florianópolis

A year ago a former UFC champion left Los Angeles for Santa Catarina. Fighter Fabrisio Werdum literally took his suitcase and well with his family to Florianopolis. In the Cakupe neighborhood, he found what he was looking for to give peace to his daughters, Julia and Joanna.

In addition, Werdum arrived in the state with the intention of becoming an entrepreneur, and he is doing so with a clothing brand and a meat boutique. In the report, Fighter detailed the reasons for choosing to live SC.

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– I am very well adapted, had been outside Brazil for many years. It was a conversation with my wife after 13 years in the United States, two in Croatia, 12 years in Spain, and we chose a place with quality of life. When we saw it, Florianopolis spoke loudly. I’m from Porto Alegre, but I chose not to live there for safety, and I loved being here.


The business side is also speaking loudly at this stage of the career. At 44, he fought his last battle for the PFL in May, where he is an ambassador, and has focused on the companies he’s developing in the capital, such as Meat Boutique and Werdum Sports.

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– I talked to my cousin, Alexandre, who knows all about meat, and we opened Werdum Premium Meats. As for meat every day, it’s something I’m learning a lot about, we have the support of a large slaughterhouse and watchdogs until the animals are slaughtered – he said.

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At the speed of the little ones, Werdum buys a net as soon as he arrives and has already recorded images of him picking up the shrimp in Cakupe, where he lives. In addition, he has kept in training with experienced coach Rangel Farias in Campeche. On resuming his career, he says that he is waiting for something, but more.

– Maybe a superfight, a return to the PFL, but that’s not my focus right now. I have to stop what I do now to train 100%. Must be 100% focused on professional level, mind and body.

“I’ve been fighting for 24 years, I started when I was 20, I was a jiu-jitsu, grappling and a two time UFC champion. I’m very happy to be in Brazil after 13 years. People dream of moving to America And everything is really good there, but there comes a time when you need that affection. Our people are different and I was very welcome here.”


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