Facebook and Australia compromise technology to restore news pages after blocking

Facebook and Australia compromise technology to restore news pages after blocking

Facebook On Tuesday (23), it was announced that it would block the blocking of news pages. Australia The next few days after negotiating with the government of the country.

a Social network restricted content On the 17th of this month, in reply A. Bill Which forces tech giants to pay the media for the use of news.

Facebook’s vice president for global news associations, Campbell Brown, said, “We have reached an agreement that will allow us to support our chosen press groups, including small and local people.”

With the agreement, technology companies will have a two-month period to negotiate with the media and will only be able to adjust prices directly with government intervention as a last resort.

The director general of Facebook Australia, Will Easton said, “As a result of the changes, we can now work to encourage our investment in public interest journalism and re-establish the news on Facebook for Australia in the next few days.”

“We are happy to close an agreement with the Australian Government and appreciate the constructive discussion,” he said.

Was to share and watch the news on Facebook Blocked last week For all users in Australia, both personal and company profiles.

External profiles were also unable to access the country’s news content. For media publishers, such as newspapers and TV network pages, the publication of any type of content in Australia is also prohibited.

Facebook blocks vehicle pages in Australia

1 minute Facebook blocks vehicle pages in Australia

Facebook blocks vehicle pages in Australia

The decision was a response to the bill under discussion in the Australian Parliament that obliges technology companies to pay for news content published on social networks or search engines. The Australian government described the attitude as arrogant and disappointing. Facebook claims that it helps content producers benefit from referrals on social networks and therefore they do not agree to pay direct remuneration to news producers.

Despite the content restriction, the bill changing the rules for the use of news is not yet in force. It passed the House of Representatives and is being debated in the Senate.

The law under discussion provides major Internet platforms such as Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple The remuneration of the media press for using their content. The objective is according to the government Distribute online advertising revenue more evenly.

Where else is this kind of discussion happening?

a France This is another country where the payment of media companies is discussed. In an April 2020 decision, the country’s antitrust authority decided that Google needed it Pay French publishing companies and news agencies for reuse of your content.

Canada According to Reuters, a similar law is also planned. Heritage Minister Steven Guilbult, responsible for culture, media, sports and arts, said Facebook’s actions in Australia would not affect his plans.

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