Facebook and Messenger will integrate messages

Facebook and Messenger will integrate messages

On Thursday (15), Facebook announced that the integration of Instagram and Messenger messages for platform users had arrived in Brazil. The novelty was introduced from September last year, however, it was being tested in other countries.

Instagram users will be able to initiate conversations and video calls with others using Facebook and vice versa. If one of the connected people does not have an account on the social network, the call will still be made normally.

The new service is not a merger in the inbox of Messenger and Instagram apps, but rather the possibility of communication between platforms.

How to use the new service?

For Instagram users, there will be an integration option on the home page, and to use it, simply select the “Update” button. For Messenger users, the option will already be implemented on the platform, as well as those who download applications from now on.

However, citizens who do not wish to allow new communication can disable the mode. To do this, simply access the application’s privacy settings, click on the message control option, and select the friends that should appear in the conversation list.

what changed?

Messenger features will be added to the Instagram messaging page, including the “Watch Together” service, which allows videos to be viewed during a video call.

Instagram also had the option of forwarding content, responding to specific messages, customizing chat colors, and reacting with emojis in personal responses.

See below a list of all the upcoming features on Instagram and Messenger:

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  • Cross-platform communication: allows interaction with friends and family on Instagram and Messenger using any application to send messages and make video calls;
  • Watch together: Option to watch videos from Facebook Watch, IGTV, Reels (soon), series and movies with friends and family during video calls;
  • Temporary mode: allows you to choose between two options – the way you view messages after you see them or when you close the chat;
  • Selfie Sticker: Allows to create boomerang stickers with selfies to use in conversation;
  • Chat colors: Conversations can have custom colors;
  • Personalized Emoji Responses: Provides a shortcut with emoji to quickly respond to messages from friends;
  • Forwarding: Allows the sharing of content with up to five friends or groups;
  • Reply: It will be possible to reply to a specific message in the chat;
  • Message effects: Animated effects can be added to messages;
  • Message Control: Allows to create a list of people who may or may not send messages directly through the function;
  • Blocking more reporting features and updates: Gives you the option to report full conversations or specific messages on Instagram, and enables receiving blocked suggestions on Instagram and Messenger when new functionality is added.

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