Facebook announces monetization of all types of videos

Facebook announces monetization of all types of videos

Facebook Announced on Thursday (11), new forms of remuneration for content creators. Social network For example, it has been reported that all types of videos can generate revenue for content producers from now on.

The company reported that the benefits could be gained by influential people, digital publications (digibobs), companies of all sizes, gamers, media companies, cultural institutions and others.

“We want them to have the tools and support that require the creation and sharing of materials for both those who have it as their primary business, one of their many sources of revenue or during the pandemic The only option is to pay. ” Facebook in an excerpt from the official statement.

Concerning VideoThe forum pointed out that they can achieve monetization, from life to short productions. For a one-minute video, for example, advertisements of at least 30 seconds may be placed.

Other ads

A new tool for monetization, especially in the United States The stories. Will create feature ads that look like stickers and can be inserted in publications. The hope is that other places in the world will soon get the news.

The social network also updated its eligibility criteria for access to demonetization. From now on, viewing pages will require a total of 600,000 minutes and 5 or more active videos uploaded or previously aired life.


Facebook also argued that it is very much concerned with the remuneration of content producers. The company said that between 2019 and 2020, the number of people earning the equivalent of $ 10,000 per month grew by 88%. The number of producers earning US $ 1,000 per month increased by 94%.

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