Facebook bracelet – company showed a bracelet for managing augmented reality – UNIAN

Facebook bracelet - company showed a bracelet for managing augmented reality - UNIAN

The company hopes the bracelet will allow it to move virtual objects or text, for example, without using physical objects.

The technology in the bracelet allows you to translate brain signals into digital commands and perform actions in augmented reality / photo tech.fb.com

Facebook has unveiled a prototype bracelet that uses electromyography technology.

read this alsoFacebook showed a prototype of AR glasses (photo)The bracelet reads the signals coming from the brain to the wrist, understands what the user wants to do, and reproduces their actions in virtual or augmented reality, writes vc.ru With a link to the Facebook blog.

As explained in the company, a person may have many ideas, but he only acts according to some of them. The brain selects these thoughts and sends a signal to the hands – they then perform actions. Technology translates such signals into digital commands.

Today, the bracelet is capable of recognizing simple gestures such as the thumb and index finger. However, Facebook hopes that in the future, users will be able to move a virtual object or type without a keyboard.

The company plans to use the bracelet with smart augmented reality goggles, scheduled to be released in 2021 with Ray-Ban. Asked when the bracelets would become publicly available, Facebook CTO Mike Schroefer said that while the project is in its early stages of development, the timeline is difficult to predict. Cnbc.

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