How to install Apple One Bundle after Rs 195; Good deals but power users will ignore

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Here is the Apple One subscription bundle, adding a subscription to multiple Apple services at the same monthly price. These plans are being developed in many countries, including India, and offer Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade Gaming and iCloud Storage, all rolled into one subscription. However, these plans vary depending on the services available in your region or country. In India, at the moment, Apple One is available in an individual pack priced at Rs 195 per month and the Family Pack priced at Rs 365 per month. Services bundled with the Apple One subscription will be available to all Apple devices, including Apple, iPad and Mac, and many more users. Apple Music Zic, for example, is also available on other platforms, including Windows 10 computing devices as well as Android phones.

Priced at Rs 195, the Apple One personal plan includes a subscription to Apple Music, Apple Arcade Cloud Gaming Services, Apple TV + streaming platform and Ike Cloud storage 50 GB space. If you want to purchase all of these separately, they cost Rs 99 per month for Apple Music for personal subscription, Rs 99 per month for Apple TV, Rs 99 per month for Arcade and Rs 75 per month for 50GB iCloud cloud storage. Will cost a month. Instead a total of Rs 372 crore. The Apple One Family subscription, which you can share with five other people, costs 36 365 per month. This includes the Apple Mi Music Zic family subscription priced at Rs 149 per month, Apple TV + Rs 99 per month, Apple Arcade Gaming at Rs 99 per month and 200 GB iCloud storage priced at Rs 219 per month. It will cost you Rs. 566 per month instead of separate subscriptions.

To activate an Apple One subscription on your Apple iPhone and iPad, you need to open the Settings app and tap on Apple ID details with your profile photo at the top of the Settings menu page. Here, select the subscription. You will now see a list of all your subscriptions and the option to try Apple One. You can then choose between Apple One Individual and Apple One Family. On Mac devices, you can access subscriptions through the App Store app and follow the same procedure to try out Apple One subscription plans.

Currently, both these Apple One subscription plans are available in India. In some countries, there is also a Premier plan, a high-end option that includes 2TB of IT cloud storage, as well as Apple News + and Apple Fitness +, which come later this year. Due to the fact that Apple News + is not yet available in India, for example, this pack is not available. This means that anyone already on the 2TBI Cloud Storage plan cannot take advantage of Apple One subscriptions at this time unless they are fit to downgrade to 200GB of storage. That can be a problem for power consumers and heavy consumers.

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