Facebook Launches New ‘Audio Room’ To Beat Clubhouse Mark Zuckerberg Hosts Facebook’s First Public Live Audio Room

Facebook Launches New 'Audio Room' To Beat Clubhouse  Mark Zuckerberg Hosts Facebook's First Public Live Audio Room

Facebook will challenge Clubhouse with ‘Audio Rooms’, a voice-only social networking platform. Facebook’s move comes with the clubhouse and Twitter space becoming more active. Facebook Audio Rooms operates as audio chat on the same model as Clubhouse, using Facebook and Messenger. The first beta test session of Audio Room was conducted by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg along with colleagues. In the first audio room, Zuckerberg discussed gaming on Facebook with his teammates.

The organizers of the discussion will be shown in the top row of the audio room titled ‘Host’. The Facebook audio room follows the same pattern as the listener in the room below the clubhouse model. The speakers in the room are arranged in such a way that the followers occupy the first row of the room. Those who continue to talk in the room will be shown in bright blue, purple and pink circles.

Verified profiles on Facebook can also be found in the Blue Tick Room. Auto-generated subtitles are available for discussion through menus through three points in the audio room. Bugs and problems in the room can be reported via the same menu button. The beta version is currently available for iOS and Android devices. The basic version will soon be available to everyone.

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