Facebook Messenger scam tricked over 10 million people

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New York-based artificial intelligence and network security company PIXM released a report this week with a grim complaint: millions Facebook user Was tricked by the same phishing scam a few months back, who has stolen the credit of the criminals’ account,

According to a company specializing in preventing phishing breaches, about 2.8 million people Fell in a coup in 2021, and at least 8.5 million this year. According to the researchers, Campaign is still active and linked to a single beneficiary residing in a city in Colombia. The hacker also answered questions asked by the PIXM team.

Fake Facebook login page. (Source: PIXM/Disclosure.)Source: pixm

How is the Messenger data theft scam working?

entrance to phishing campaign is on messenger a fake facebook login page Which opens and looks like the official interface of the social network. When the victim enters their identifier and password, and clicks “Log In,” this data is sent directly to the hacker’s servers.

At this point, an automated mechanism comes into play, which not only logs into that account, but also sends malicious links to all of the user’s friends via Messenger. That is, when some of these friends also click on the link, they are also taken to the fake login page, where their friends also get the link, and Siranda spreads rapidly.

When PIXM researchers contacted the element claiming to be a phishing campaign, they said they earn $150 for every thousand visits to a US ad exit page. This means that after deceiving the users – and Facebook Security Check too – The scammer could have earned US$59 million (R$ 304 million) so far.

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