Facebook’s worst fears have been realized .. 96% of iPhone users turn off the tracking feature in the world

Facebook's worst fears have been realized .. 96% of iPhone users turn off the tracking feature in the world

Data shows that iPhone users are rejecting tracking at much higher rates than the survey had predicted.

Advertisers who rely on targeted advertisements for revenue are facing their worst fears. Analytics data indicates that 96% of iPhone users opted for tracking after the launch of iOS 14.5 (iOS 14.5).

When Apple released the iOS 14.5 update late last month, it began implementing a policy called App Tracking Transparency.

According to this policy, iPhone and iPad applications are required to obtain user permission to use technologies such as IDFA to track the activity of these users in multiple applications for data collection and ad targeting purposes.

The change faced fierce resistance from companies such as Facebook, who built their operating systems by leveraging user data to target the most effective ads for these users.

Facebook has gone even further by publishing full-page press ads, which clarify that the change will not only harm Facebook, but also destroy small businesses around the world.

Soon after Facebook published these press announcements, Apple CEO Tim Talk attended a data privacy conference and gave a speech in which he sharply criticized Facebook’s business model.

However, Facebook and other companies complied with Apple’s new laws to avoid refusing to list their apps on the App Store.

And some applications displayed a screen explaining why you should subscribe before asking to subscribe or cancel Apple.

This new data comes a company Flurry Analytics is owned by Verizon, which says it is used in more than 1 million mobile apps.

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Fleet Analytics says it updates the data daily so followers can see it as it progresses.

Based on data from one million apps, Fleury Analytics says that US users agree to be tracked for more than 4% of the time, while global numbers are much higher, indicating tracking for more than 12%.

Data from Fleet Analytics suggest that iPhone users are prohibited from tracking iPhone users at a rate higher than surveys conducted prior to the release of iOS 14.5.

And one of these surveys found that only 40%, not 4%, choose to track when prompted.

However, Flarey Analytics’ data does not separate numbers by app, so if users remove numbers from app tracking due to their mistrust of Facebook, it is impossible to know from this data.

IPhone users are more likely to trust certain types of apps than others, but this data is not available.

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