Failure on Amazon causes ‘blackouts’ in smart homes: no refrigerator, vacuum cleaner and even doorbell

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NEW YORK — The instability of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, Amazon’s cloud computing tool, has left thousands of people in the United States without refrigerators and vacuum robots.

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Services affected by the breakdown also include the Alexa voice assistant and the Ring Intelligent Bell Unit, a device that contains a camera and a radar to detect the presence of visitors and integrates with Alexa.

The outage, which began at around 10:00 a.m. EDT on Tuesday, damaged cargo deliveries, disrupted major streaming services and prevented people from entering Disney parks.

Outraged, users of these devices tweeted their dismay on Ring’s official account. Many complained that they spent time restarting or reinstalling their apps and devices before discovering on Twitter that Amazon’s web services had shut down in general.

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Several Ring users said they couldn’t get into their home without accessing the Phone app, which was down.

The volatility also affected the work of delivery drivers at the e-commerce giant.

One Twitter user said, “I’m an Amazon driver and the disruption is killing us too and we can’t deliver. So we’re just playing karaoke.”

Others reported that they were unable to turn on the Christmas lights.

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“My automatic Christmas lights didn’t turn on tonight due to an AWS outage,” said one of the users.

Smart lamps have stopped responding to voice commands, several people report.

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Matt Schultz posted, “My parents are extremely aware of the AWS outage because their smart home lamps are not responding to voice commands at this time.”

Even basic household chores have become impossible for some.

“us-east-1 is malfunctioning, and my wife just complained that she can’t operate our roomba because the internet is off. I can’t vacate my house because of AWS. What’s the fate of the world?” Internet user Thomas Johnson.

The outage has prompted people to reflect on the pitfalls of having a “smart” home that relies not only on the Internet but on a particular business – while those with “dumb” homes joked that their refrigerators and lights The switches were off. working very well.

Many of the operations affected were on the East Coast of the US. About nine hours later, AWS said it had resolved the network device issues that caused the outage.

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