Family places iPhone-shaped headstone on teenager’s grave

Family places iPhone-shaped headstone on teenager’s grave

The family of teenager Theresa Sifaga in New Zealand chose a different way to honor the girl, who died in 2018 at the age of 15: They built a mausoleum in the shape of a giant cell phone in the grave.

The story went viral after one of the girl’s sisters posted a video of a picnic around the grave. In the images, a model of the tombstone appears as iPhone With many messages left in the chat by the family.

“When our sister died, we made her cell phone a tombstone because she was always on it”, justified one of the sisters on TikTok. “Gen Z Headstone. If you see it at Memorial Manukau Gardens, it was us.”


In the comments, the sister stated that the size of the tombstone was the lowest: “the messages contained in it really matter”, confirming that her sister was always very “exaggerated, so why wouldn’t we make her a tombstone”. Kind”?”

Some criticized the tribute in the comments. One app user called the tomb “sad” because “a person has more memories than it does on a phone.”

Others took it as a joke.

“The perfect definition to bury your phone with me when I die,” said one. Another said, “My iPhone headstone must have cracked and there would be a pop socket on the back.”

In another video on TikTok, Theresa’s sister released a compilation of moments from the girl who took her own life.

“She will always document everything and post it on Instagram,” concluded her sister.

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