Fast phone! Allcellular ranking with graph of all performance tests

Fast phone!  Allcellular ranking with graph of all performance tests

As you are well aware, TudoCelular has complete tests to ensure that our analysis and comparisons are as accurate as possible. Here in this article you will find performance tests, which we perform with all testing tools, including the results of our standardized speed tests and the Untou Benchmark.

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We started with our performance tests, including a speed test with a focus on multitasking and also the results of AnTuTu. In the case of speed testing, the values ​​will be listed from smallest (fastest) to largest (slowest). Whereas in case of benchmark we will have the lowest result.

How is a speed test done?

In our speed test, we opened a dozen apps that looked at how long it takes to charge a smartphone, including some that are already on the phone (such as a timer used to measure time ), Camera, gallery and settings. Others downloaded from the Play Store including Netflix, Spotify, WhatsApp, Facebook and Pokémon Go and Asphalt 8 games.

Then we reopen everything to see if the device can keep all these applications in memory. So you will see three results in the chart below: Round 1 (Opening App), Round 2 (Reopening) and Total Time.

No additional applications are installed and we always restart the device before taking the test. In addition, we have made several attempts to determine the average time, which is adopted for this guide.

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Of course, we could not leave AnTuTu aside. Many consumers use this benchmark as a parameter to measure the raw power of a cell phone. It runs various tests including CPU, memory, GPU and even OS. The higher the value obtained, the more powerful the hardware of that device. Remembering that the values ​​can vary depending on the temperature of the cell and that is why we run tests many times to get the best results.

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