Father says he saved his daughter’s life with techniques he saw in ‘The Office’

Father says he saved his daughter’s life with techniques he saw in ‘The Office’

American Matt UberHis daughter Vera, 46, was found dead in a room in the family home, aged 4. Without any official medical knowledge, he performed CPR techniques on the girl with the help of an unusual teacher: the US version of “The Office” aired by NBC between 2005 and 2013.

“When I was thinking about what I knew about resuscitation, my head went straight to an episode of ‘The Office,’ where they do some compression training to the beat of ‘Stayin’ Alive,'” He told the same network that aired the series, starring Steve Carell.

In the episode titled “Stress Relief”, Michael Scott, Carell’s character, embarks on a course in resuscitation.

According to Uber, the incident happened when he and the kid were playing tag. “She turned into a corner. I thought she slipped and hit her head. When I lifted her off the ground, her eyes were rolling back,” he declared.

The man then told his eldest daughter, Nora, to call 911 while he performed the procedure on the younger girl.

Later, at the hospital, doctors found that the girl had gone into cardiac arrest. They found that she suffered from a rare condition that causes arrhythmias in children, and suggested implanting a defibrillation device, which sets off an electrical charge in her heart when it stops.

“She’s feeling normal, happy, which could be a problem for any four-year-old,” Uber said.

His wife, Erin, said the girl sometimes talks about braces. “She sometimes says, ‘Mom, I really didn’t want to have this power box,’ which is what we’re calling it.”

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