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Washington – the spread of the new micron type could bring a new wave of chaos, threatening to decimate healthcare workers already battling an escalation in the pandemic delta version, us President, Joe Bidenwarned this Thursday, 16 that the strain should spread too quickly and warned the population to get vaccinated or get a booster dose. “We are facing a winter (Northern hemisphere) serious diseases and unrelated deaths”, the President said.

The White House insists there is no need for a lockdown because vaccines are available and provide protection against the virus. But even though Micron is lighter than Delta, it could disarm some of the life-saving equipment available and put immunocompromised and elderly people at risk as it rapidly moves across the United States.

“The Delta outbreak continues and is really accelerating. And on top of that, we still have the Micron outbreak,” Dr. Jacob Lemieux, who monitors coronavirus variants for the Harvard School of Medicine survey. “It is worrying as our hospitals are already full. Teams are tired. ,

exponential spread

More likely, experts say, Micron’s outbreak is already underway in the US, and the new version will outweigh the country’s ability to track it. Based on samples collected last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that microns represent 3% of the coronaviruses sequenced in the country.

The percentage varies by region, with the highest incidence area in New York at 13%. However, Harvard experts say those numbers are underestimated because the micron is spreading so fast that the polls can’t keep up.

Globally, more than 75 countries have reported cases of covid caused by micron. In the US, 36 states have detected the new strain. Meanwhile, the incidence of the delta variant is increasing in many places, with epicenters in the northeast and midwest.

Facing the transition, universities are abruptly ending classes in the final exam weeks. The basketball (NBA) and hockey (NHL) leagues had to suspend matches, and football (NFL) had the worst pandemic outbreak in a two-day period, with dozens of players infected.

mutation anxiety

Scientists around the world are still trying to understand micron, which has a large number of worrying mutations in important regions of its genetic structure that may affect the spread of the strain. The speed at which the number of cases doubles, known as “doubling time”, could provide a preview of the results in the coming weeks.

CDC director Rochelle Valensky said preliminary data indicates that the micron is more permeable than the delta, with a “doubling time” of about two days. Anthony Fauci, the top specialist in infectious diseases in the US, said a specific booster dose is still not needed to fight the stress. Fauci said the two doses of Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines still provide considerable protection against hospitalization./ AP

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