Fiat do Italia seeks clarification from Fiat do Brasil and will apologize to Mauricio Souza #rumor

Fiat do Italia seeks clarification from Fiat do Brasil and will apologize to Mauricio Souza #rumor

Rumor – After Minas fired player Mauricio Souza, Fiat lost $100 million in sales and the Italian partners decided to seek an explanation for the company in Brazil and would apologize to the player.

In the case of Volleyball player Mauricio Souza do Minas resigns after publications deemed homophobic Still raising controversy on social networks. The ultimate target in history is Fiat. After pocket narcissists organized a “boycott” of the company, some information about the “results” began to circulate on the Internet.

One of them states that, in one week, Fiat lost $100 million in sales (the message doesn’t say it’s in reais, dollars or sales). The text states that, for this reason, Fiat in Italy decided to put pressure on Fiat in Brazil. Finally, the message states that Fiat Italy will apologize to Mauricio Souza in the coming days. Read the message circulating online:

The Italian partners asked Fiat do Brasil for clarification. After Fiat Brasil forced a sports club to fire one of its players (Mauricio Souza) for expressing his opinion, thousands of customers decided not to consume the Italian automaker’s products, m…it was so big that Fiat Brasil already lost over 100 million in sales, it attracted the attention of partners from all over the planet, the ceiling could cost the heads of representatives in Tupiniquin land, it was so ugly for FIAT That even the majority spoke of disapproving of this fact.

– FIAT does not have to be involved in matters that are not related to it, we are a multinational that we produce all over the world, we do not have the right to punish or demand punishment in the external sphere, especially of opinion In context – said one of the partners in Turin, Italy. It is expected that Fiat will formally apologize to player Mauricio Souza in the coming days. To put it mildly, ‘Am… it’s back in the ass’

Fiat Italy has already lost 100 million in sales, asks Fiat do Brasil for clarification and will it apologize to Mauricio Souza?

This would be awesome information. We say “will” because there is only one detail in this whole story: the information being circulated is not valid. There is no evidence that Fiat Italy is now with Mauricio Souza.

Before getting into the details of the content, we have to point out that it is nothing new that false information is circulating about “companies” that support LGBTQIA+ groups. We have already denied, for example, the fake news that hint Compared to Coca-Cola and that netflix havia Lost a lot of money after the excommunication of the PocketNearists.

In addition, the message circulating online has some fake news characteristics such as ambiguity, alarmism, errors in Portuguese and lack of citations from reliable sources. And, when looking for the subject in reliable sources, we could not find anything. In fact, the message spread to PocketBook profiles on the Internet. One of the most prominent, for example, is constantly posting other false information such as “angry messages from lead Guimaraes to Globo” and tweets falsely attributed to Lula.

Now let’s talk about the claims of the message. The first talks about “Fiat’s loss” of “100 million”. Sales could not take place, this is because Fiat sales by the end of October 2021, according to this figure, 364,000 units of vehicles. There is no loss of profit either. According to these figures, the company ended October as the largest automaker in the country.

Once the information about “damage” is reversed, let’s move on to the second one. There is no information not only about the statement of the “Italians” in favor of Mauricio Souza, but also the report of the President of Minas Gerais that The pressure to fire the player also came from Italy.

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In short: contrary to what was said from the source of the “information” and the data, we can say that Fiat in Italy is against Fiat in Brazil and will apologize to Mauricio Souza, that information is baseless. A message is nothing but a bunch of information that doesn’t move and that comes out of nowhere.

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