FIFA praises British government’s decision to exempt vaccinated athletes from quarantine

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FIFA issued a statement on Sunday praising the British government’s decision to exempt players from quarantine who have already completed their vaccination programs against COVID-19. The United Kingdom adopted the measure last Friday to allow athletes active in the country to defend their national teams without requiring isolation.

In the statement, the organization informed that it worked closely with the local government, the English Football Federation and the Premier League to find a solution and believes that the measure adopted was a more appropriate solution than the previous FIFA date, in September. At the time, English clubs halted the release of players for some teams as a way of preventing possible contamination by the coronavirus.

FIFA praises British government’s decision to allow athletes playing in the country to defend their teams

FIFA also reaffirms that the change in attitude of the British Government represents “a positive step in the right direction” and thanks all parties for their support and cooperation. However, the federation recognizes that the measure does not apply to all athletes and stresses that it will continue to work to resolve the issue for the next international window.

See FIFA’s full statement:

FIFA welcomes the UK government’s decision to provide fully vaccinated players the opportunity to represent their countries in the next FIFA World Cup qualifiers and return from a red-listed country while respecting established quarantine conditions.

We work closely with the UK Government, the Football Association of England and the Premier League to find an appropriate solution for the benefit of all, and we believe this is a solution far more convenient than the players situation. on September.

FIFA believes this is a positive step in the right direction and appreciates the support and cooperation of all football stakeholders during a difficult period.

We recognize that this decision does not apply to all players and we will continue to improve the situation for the upcoming international window and better assess the various measures being taken to reduce the risk of community transmission of COVID-19. Commit to discuss to explain. As a result of the player’s journey.

We encourage vaccination against COVID-19 and support the World Health Organization’s position: Safe, fair and equitable access is important in all countries. Players should not have priority access to vaccines.

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