Filip Toledo is runner-up in the El Salvador stage; Medina and Italo third. are in

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Posted 6/17/2022 4:15 PM / Updated 6/17/2022 4:15 PM

    (credit: reproduction/social media)

(credit: reproduction/social media)

In another phase with controversy in the ratings of Brazilian surfers, Filip Toledo confirmed his stellar season on the WSL World Surfing Tour. In seven stages of the season, he reached four finals and this Friday, the 17th, at the Surf City El Salvador Pro Controversy, he took runner-up and took the lead of the championship. In the women’s, the win was won by Australian Stephanie Gilmore, who defeated Leckie Peterson (USA) in the final.

In the final, he lost to Griffin Colapinto of the United States 17–16 in a brawl filled with aerial performances. There were two Brazilians in third place of the stage: Italo Ferreira and Gabriel Medina, who only returned to the circuit at the halfway point, but adding good points to the world rankings and still have a chance to qualify for the WSL Finals, which would be top. bring five together..

In the world rankings, Filipinho has 40,040 points, with three points remaining until the end of the classification stage. Second place comes Jack Robinson (Australia) with 36,905 points, Colapinto rose to 32,150 points, Italo comes fourth with 28,300 and Japanese Kanoa Igarashi closes in the top 5 with 28,110. Among Brazilians, Miguel Pupo has 22,120 (10th) and Cayo Ibeli (21,470). Medina has only played two stages and has 13,230 points.

In the semi-finals, Filipinho beat Italo from 17.10 to 13.20. Medina, on the other hand, lost to Colapinto in a disputed heat that was heavily contested by arbitration criteria, which saw the American surfer get the better of the confrontation, giving him a 13.30 to 13.17 win. On social networks, many Brazilians complained about the scores of national surfers, something that has happened again and again in the final stages.

In the final, Filipinho started off with a spectacular wave (9.57), but the advantage soon fell when Colapinto scored 9 points in another wave. With daring maneuvers, even in very favorable seas, the two were investing in the air to try to add a nice second wave. The American scored 7, but Filipinho answered 6.43 with 16 points. But the United States surfer took 8 and won 17 to 16.

Filipinho’s consistent result makes him more excited for the next stage in Saquerema. Oi Rio Pro will be held from June 23 to 30 and surfers usually perform very well there. It is expected that other Brazilians, such as Medina, Italo, Miguel Pupo and Caio Ibelli, will take advantage of the “case factor” to move closer to the top 5 of the world rankings and remain in the fight for a spot. WSL Finals.

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