Final Fantasy: The series’ heroines shine in beautiful fan art

Imagem de: Final Fantasy: heroínas da série brilham em lindas artes dos fãs

In its more than 30-year history, the franchise last dream Being home to some of the most memorable heroines of video games, introduced us to a spirited cast of historical characters and stories. thinking this, The DualShockers website has done a great job of research. And collected from them many wonderful arts!

Let’s start with one of the best Super Nintendo games ever since Final Fantasy VI The Incredible was played by Terra Branford. the art of muju Brings up a beautiful reinterpretation of the character:

Terra Branford by MujusTerra Branford by MujusSource: Deviantart

In addition to being the victim of one of the most famous and striking spoilers in video games, Pretty Aerith is the heart and soul of the acclaimed Final Fantasy VII, and its purity was exposed in The Art of Steamy Tomatoes:

Areth Gainsborough for Steamy TomatoesAreth Gainsborough for Steamy TomatoesSource: steamed tomatoes

and since we talk Final Fantasy VIIThe eternal darling of on-duty fans and cosplayers, the stunning Tifa Lockhart, is now in Lian-Jing’s sight:

Lian-Xing.  by Tifa LockhartLian-Xing. by Tifa LockhartSource: dualshockers

Moving a little further back in time, Yuna is one of the most recognizable faces of the great FINAL FANTASY X, and the art of Sasanomasi captures its essence well:

una por sasanomesiuna por sasanomesiSource: dualshockers

trilogy of FINAL FANTASY XIII This may have left fans very divided, but there’s no doubt that the hero Lightning has one of the best designs ever. this picture of ravis drake Summarizes its appeal nicely:

Lightning by Ravis DrakeLightning by Ravis DrakeSource: ravis drake

Despite the journey being more focused on the friendship between the four men, FINAL FANTASY XV It also features a very intelligent heroine who takes advantage of her brief screen time. Assault A beautiful tribute to Lunafreya:

Essylt.  by Lunafreya Nox FleuretEssylt. by Lunafreya Nox FleuretSource: Assault

of all the characters last dreamWhich is your favourite? And which art did you like the most? comment below!

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