First group of Ukrainian refugees reaches Brazil national magazine

First group of Ukrainian refugees reaches Brazil  national magazine

A tight hug brings welcome, even from people who don’t even know each other. It was the peace they were looking for so much.

Of the 29 refugees from Ukraine, 17 are children. they landed at the airport in the morning Guarulhos, The families were saved by the organization Global Kingdom Partnership Network, which brings together churches of different faiths from different countries. The network will welcome refugees all over the world and this group chose Brazil,

“O BrazilAt that time, it offered to receive 300 people for a year, supporting all of these families’ needs – housing, food – until they decided whether to live, do their jobs or Have to go back”, says Pastor Paschol Pragin.

The long journey that started a week ago continued by bus – beyond 400 kms curitiba (PR). Paraná has the largest number of descendants of Ukrainians in the country, and many Baptists went to receive them, along with volunteers from the Association of Social Action.

Normally, Ukrainians can enter Brazil and stayed for 90 days as a tourist. But these refugees got so-called humanitarian visas in Brazilian embassies Poland and on Hungary Where did they go after fleeing Ukraine? With this visa, they can live, study, work here normally.

For now, they’ll be staying in hotels, in curitiba, and then go into the interior of Paraná. Accommodation with money donated by volunteers, who also prepared kits with hygiene products, clothing and food.

“These families, they all had their own home, they had a stable family, they had their jobs … they only have one thing in life, it’s a very sad thing”, says Ilyas Dantas, the network’s international coordinator . Church.

Still weary, and without speaking Portuguese, the refugees thanked them with smiles and eyes. But communication is guaranteed with the help of people like Natalia. She is the daughter of Ukrainian immigrants who have also found asylum in Brazil In the second time of wars.

“My parents went through this experience, I got emotional… They ran away. Thank God, they came to this beautiful country, so it doesn’t hurt to help, it is a human issue”, Natalia Wasczynski says.

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