First helicopter to fly on Mars today – NASA made history | NASA aims for historic helicopter flight on Mars

First helicopter to fly on Mars today - NASA made history |  NASA aims for historic helicopter flight on Mars


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Published: Monday, April 19, 2021, 11:29 [IST]

Sarvam has taken another important step in global space exploration. The first-ever helicopter Infiniti launched by NASA is flying on Mars today. The helicopter sent by NASA was already delayed due to technical problems, although it was to be flown. If the helicopter today flew on Mars, it would be the first powerful, controlled helicopter to be launched on any other planet after Earth. Scientists and technologists from all over the world await those moments.

Historic NASA Helicopter Launch

Historic NASA Helicopter Launch

Millions of helicopters are continuously on the ground. But no one imagines what it would take to fly a helicopter after Earth to another planet. This is because there have never been helicopters launched on another planet. But the US space agency NASA is going to fly a helicopter like this for the first time on Mars. Helicopters already sent to fly by NASA’s rover .. Delays due to weather conditions and other technical issues. With this, NASA is preparing to fly a helicopter today.

Noon launch according to Indian time

The helicopter took off after 1 pm Indian time. The US space agency NASA is going to control the helicopter from the ground. Two or three hours after flying by helicopter, NASA will broadcast the footage live. Because those scenes do not reach NASA as soon as the helicopter takes flight. After joining NASA, Osa is going to show NASA the view of the world by helicopter. Millions of people around the world are waiting to see these rare sites.

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Helicopter launches for the first time on another planet

So far helicopters and planes in the world have been flying on Earth .. no other planet is experiencing such experiments. The reason for this is the lack of awareness on the weather conditions there. If Osari finds that weather conditions on other planets are suitable for flying helicopters and planes, it will be possible to fly on those planets in a helicopter. With this, the helicopters launched by NASA today are paving the way for future launches.

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