Flamengo and Andreas are acquitted by STJD for game against Santos – 10/15/2021

Flamengo and Andreas are acquitted by STJD for game against Santos - 10/15/2021

Flamengo and Andreas Pereira were acquitted by the Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD) due to a game against Santos in the Brazilian Championship. In a session held today (15), the auditors unanimously understood that Rubro-Negro and the player did not violate the protocols of the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) and, consequently, the General Regulation. Prima facie the decision is subject to appeal. The match was on 28 August at Villa Belmiro, and ended with a 4–0 victory in Rio.

The trial came after STJD accepted Santos’ complaint for the fact that the Gavia club had selected Andreas ahead of the mandatory 14-day quarantine period established by Envisa for travelers passing through the United Kingdom – the midfielder told Manchester United, Worked for England. The player was judged for conduct contrary to discipline or sporting ethics.

“This complaint is based on information of violations publicized by Santos, which was intended to cause Flamengo to lose points, but the Attorney’s Office went further and showed that there is no possibility of Article 214. Undoubtedly, it had only one purpose. “With all due respect, the envelope has to be pushed. First, the athlete doesn’t climb. Flamengo was the one who selected the athlete. He said, there is no need to impose penalties on the player. The ordinance is very clear, the initial provision speaks of foreigners and further states that it is not for Brazilians. Then, to correct a mistake, Anvisa published 657 stating that it also applied to Brazilians, but on 2 October, 2021, so, after the game. We move on to the CBF protocols that were followed. The CBF approved the athlete’s lineup as the exams were presented. A CBF medical guide says an IgG test athlete Gives the right to a temporary immunity certificate (green CIT ) so that it does not perform again 19 Examination up to February, 2022. Why would he be barred from playing the game? There is no doubt about it. Flamengo could climb it. For all these reasons, the athlete was regular, neither by the athlete nor by Flamengo, there was no violation of regulation”, said Michelle Esseff, Flamengo’s lawyer.

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Andreas made his debut in the game against Peixe, just eight days after landing in Brazil. Santos filed a lawsuit against Fla, which “violates Articles 191, I, II, II, 203 and 214 of the Brazilian Code of Sports Justice (CBJD)”. However, the Attorney’s Office understood that, in this case, Articles 203 and 214 were not applicable, and condemned the Rubro-Negro in Andreas in Article 191, Items I, II and III, and Article 258.

Article 191 and related items refer to “legal liability”, “deliberation, resolution, determination, necessity, request or failure to comply with or obstruct the fulfillment of any regulatory or administrative act of CNE or Sports Administration Unit”. Huh. is associated or obliged” and “regulating, general or special, of the Contest”. Fines range from R$100.00 to R$100,000.00.

258 speaks of “adherence to any conduct contrary to discipline or sporting ethics not stipulated by the other rules of this Code”. The penalty is a suspension from one to six matches. In addition to the complaint made by the STJD attorney, Santos went to the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) and filed a formal complaint for Andreas Pereira’s presence in the game.

“The first point, I bring here Ordinance 655, yes, with respect to foreigners, native Brazilians, there is this provision, but the heart of the matter is very well expressed in Article 7 of this Ordinance, paragraph 1. It makes it clear That yes, in this ordinance, there are restrictive rules for travelers of international origin, Brazil or foreign, and Santos and the attorney’s office also refer to this paragraph in the complaint. This is a very simplistic explanation. This is a serious non-compliance I want to emphasize that on screen decisions go ahead, and much more, sports justice, we are dealing with guidelines, protocols, rules, that work to save lives. It’s not just football, This is public health, human life. This is the heart of the matter. It is a decision that will have ramifications not only in the field of sports. It is also clear that, despite being a Brazilian, I will have to undergo quarantine after being in the United Kingdom. Reason. As a player, he contributed directly to the outcome of the match as soon as he entered the field and played the game. Scored a goal for Lamengo. Could Santos be at a disadvantage because he played the championship with an unevenness, because Flamengo disrespected protocol? What Santos asks is that this commission allows the non-compliance of the club and the athlete to go unnoticed. Make history, protect ethics and sports fair sport”, maintained Felipe Maurao.

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The player-related issue came into limelight after Anvisa suspended the match between Brazil and Argentina for the World Cup qualifiers due to four members of the Argentine delegation arriving from England and not fulfilling the essential requirements requested by the health authorities.

A few days later, Anvisa issued an official notice barring Willian, a Corinthian reinforcement and who was also at Chelsea, from playing in a game with Atlético-Go for the Brazilian Championship. In the case of Andreas, the agency suggested punishment for the player.

Reporter Alessandra Pérez was successful in dismissing Pieva Flamengo and the athlete’s violation of the regulation.

“To me, it’s pretty clear that the procedure was based on Ordinance 655. It turns out it’s pretty simple, just read the ordinance and see that it doesn’t really apply to Brazilians. And I have in addition to acquittal There is no alternative. Athlete as much as Flamengo,” Alessandra voted.

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