For Nordesto, Bahia visits CSA and could disassociate himself in leadership

Patrick de Lucca is the highlight of the tricolor at the beginning of the season Photo: Felipe Oliveira |  EC Bahia - Photo: Felipe Oliveira |  EC Bahia

Patrick de Lucca made his debut for Bahia on February 13 this year against Atletico-MG at the Miniro Stadium in Belo Horizonte. His performance was so good that, since then, the athlete has not left the starting lineup – it was seven games in total. One point in the United States (USA) that helped this movement was the sale from Gregor to Inter Miami.

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Undoubtedly, a sure shot by coach Dado Cavallanti. Patrick was an important piece to Brasileiro’s Serie B to avoid the squad’s charge and guarantee a place in the Copa Sudamericana. At the beginning of the season, he has been instrumental in the development of the main team. In four matches, he scored two goals and made 88% of his passes.

This Tuesday, 23, at 9:30 pm, at the Ri Pele Stadium in Ala Pelas, the midfielder will definitely be on the field. Bahia faces CSA for the fifth round of the group stage of the Copa do Nordeste. If they win, the tricolor will reach 10 points, and will take an important step in the search for classification in the next stage.

There were two versions of the competition in the current format (2019 and 2020). In both of them, any team in at least one group qualified with a score of 10. or less. In 2019, CRB (9 points) and Vittoria (7), for Group A, last year, qualified 10 points with the game, also by Group A.

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It is also true that Bahia had 12 points last year, in Group B, and finished. Sampaio Corrêa, then a Group A lantern, with only one point, was responsible for the squad’s setbacks in the final round of the group stage.


Against the CSA, the Bahian tricolor defends a widely favorable record. The two clubs have faced each other 28 times in history for all competitions. There are 20 wins for Bahia, five draws and just three wins for Azulo. The squad scored 60 goals in those doubles, 24 against the opponent.

For the Copa do Nordeste, there were 13 matches: eight with the tricolor, three draws and two won by CSA. The previous defeat to Bahia was won at Nordesta 2014 in the group stage at the Ri Pele Stadium by a margin of 4 to 1. Since then, there have been four consecutive wins for the sisters two away from home: Brasileiro 2 to 1 in 2019 and 2 to 0 at Nordesta last year.

In this edition of the regional championship, Azulo is undefeated, with one win and three draws, which earns the club six points and fifth place.

Ideal replacement?

Gregor’s departure left a significant place in the club vacant. From the player who created history in the squad, mainly for his desire and ability to score. However, Patrick De Lucca has played a good role in place of former Shirt 26.

Formed in the grassroots categories of Palmyras, the midfielder came to Bahia last year for the under-20 team. He stood out in the Brazilian Cup in the category and Dado Cavalcanti gave the boy a chance in the main team. You got it right

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“When I take the ball from behind, the team comes in with quality. I adapt to this situation very quickly. I had already done it in some clubs, to get in line, help defenders in marking in construction as well. So I adapted. Dedo saw that I liked it, I talked to him, and I was able to do it in the best way.

Patrick was the author of the first goal of Bahia’s win over Sport 4–0 last Saturday. He gave an exclusive interview to A TARDE (see).

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