Former President Jacob Zuma arrested in South Africa world

Former President Jacob Zuma arrested in South Africa  world

former president of South AfricaJacob Zuma was arrested this Wednesday (7) for complying 15 months jail sentence In contempt of justice: He refused to attend an interrogation in late June. The arrest comes more than three years after Zuma resigned amid allegations of corruption.

Zuma’s family claims that he voluntarily turned himself in to serve his sentence. The deadline for the former president to replace himself expired at midnight on Wednesday.

79-year-old Zuma should have started serving his sentence on Sunday itself, but the country’s judicial system Accepted to hear your arguments on 12th July, and suspended the order till then.

From apartheid veteran to investigation

Zuma was considered a veteran of the struggle against the apartheid regime. However, since stepping down from the presidency in 2018, he has been cited in scandals. The former president has been accused of corruption before and during his tenure. He presided over South Africa between 2009 and 2018. As president, he is suspected of allowing three businessmen to illegally obtain money from the state.

He resigned only after being forced out by his own party, the African National Congress (ANC), like Nelson Mandela.

Earlier, when he was the country’s vice-president, he had faced charges of fraud, corruption and organized crime over the purchase of military equipment from five European companies. A $2 billion contract was negotiated in 1999.

The 15-month prison sentence for contempt of court was decided in late June after Zuma refused to appear before an anti-corruption commission. The former president’s case is under the responsibility of the Constitutional Court, South Africa’s highest judicial body.

Zuma appeared before the commission only once and Ignoring many subsequent summons. He claimed medical reasons or that he was preparing his defense for other matters.

The former leader called for reversing the punishment for being excessive and highlighting the risks of coronavirus infection. For him, punishment is a political statement. He also says that he is the victim of a witch hunt and that the prosecution is skewed.

South African President Jacob Zuma resigns
South African President Jacob Zuma resigns

South African President Jacob Zuma resigns

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