Former US Vice President Mike Pence Goes World Through Pacemaker Transplant Surgery

Former US Vice President Mike Pence Goes World Through Pacemaker Transplant Surgery

Former vice president of America, Mike pence, Wednesday (14) for a place Pacemaker. The Republican, who was unable to remodel himself for the post with the defeat of his leadership plate Donald Trump, Is 61 years old.

According to the press office, Pence felt bad for the past two weeks, and tests showed the politician had a low heart rate. Therefore, the medical team decided to perform the procedure and set up a pacemaker.

In a statement, Pence’s publicist said he had recovered well and should return to activity within the next few days. Trump’s deputy is expected to make a public statement in late April. This will be the first statement since he left the government in January.

Republican Party Name

US Vice President Mike Pence speaks during the reopening of the Congress session on January 6 to authenticate Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election – Photo: Senate Television via AP

Pence appears as one of the nominated names of the Republican Party US presidential race in 2024, Especially if Trump does not want or cannot run for a new term after the 2020 defeat.

The former deputy fell out with Trump when the then president refused to accept the electoral defeat and refused to hand over the work to Joe Biden. After the invasion of the Capitol, in which some extremist Trumpist supporters also threatened Pence, Republicans reopened the session which confirmed the Democrats’ victory. In the inauguration of the new President, only the former Vice President attended: Trump did not want to go.

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