Fornite X Rocket League Lalama-Ram Event Date, Start Time, Challenges, Salushi Concert | Sports | Entertainment

Fornite X Rocket League Lalama-Ram Event Date, Start Time, Challenges, Salushi Concert |  Sports |  Entertainment

The Fortnite X Rocket League Lalama-Ram event is set to launch on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

The Lalama-Ram Crossover kicked off the Fortnight Party Royal Ceremony on September 26 by US DJ Sulsa.

As part of the Spotlight series of in-game events, Sulsa will arrive at the main stage at Party Royal from 10pm BST UK time, where he will present a brand new single.

Fortinite fans can watch the Encore show on September 27 at 4am BST, and later the same day at 6pm.

As an added bonus, Fortenite users can view the event without actually going to the main stage.

“Can’t decide whether to play Battle Royale or attend the ceremony?” Reads an epic post. “Why not both!

“We’ve added Picture to Picture (PIP) which will allow you to watch Sulishi’s show in core mods and party royals. To enable PIP, open your game settings and enable the feature.”

Once the first ceremony is over, fans can go to the Rocket League – which is now free-to-play, remember – to participate in the Lalama-Ram in-game event.

As part of the Lalama-Rama event, Rocket League players can meet the challenges of earning in-game items and cosmetics for both Fornite and Rocket League.

Challenges range from playing one match online, scoring five goals, making five saves, or getting five assists with Lalama Topper in any playlist.

Prizes include new Dassels for Rocket League vehicles, Rocket League-themed spray for Fornite, and even new music tracks. A full list of challenges and rewards can be found below.

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Best of all, the program runs from September 26 to October 12, so there’s plenty of time to open up everything on offer.

“Battle Bus is booming and flying in the Rocket League! Fornite is celebrating Rocket League’s free-to-play with Lalama-Ram – a crossover event where players can unlock Rocket League challenges and unlock prizes for both. Can meet for.

“This is the right time to check that soccer is everything! Start your engine, collect some boost, and get rewards!”

Fornite X Rocket Leg Lalma-Rama Challenges and Rewards …

Challenge 1: Lalmas, start your engines!

. Rocket League Challenge: Play an M online match in any playlist

– Rocket League Rewards: Llama Flyer Antenna

– Fornet Rewards: Rocket League Spray

Challenge 2 – Happy Victory

• Rocket League Challenge: Win 1 Online Online Match in Casual with Lama Antenna

– Rocket League Award: Top Lama Topper

– Fornet Rewards: Holodata Drop Control

Challenge 3 – Top of the World

Ocket Rocket League Challenge: 5 goals, save or assist with Lalama Topper

– Rocket League Rewards: Lutto Llama Octon Decl

– Fornet Prize: Rocket Grove music track

Challenge 4 – An important end

Rocket League Challenge: Won 5 Mat Online matches in any playlist with Lalama Decal (ane Katen).

– Rocket League Rewards: Llama Wheels

– Fornet Prize: Rocket League Emoticons

Challenge 5 – Lalama Legend

Rocket League Challenge: Get MVP in any Mline match with Lama Wheels

– Rocket League Rewards: Battle Bus + Battle Balloon Antenna, Battle Bus Wheels and Battle Bus Engine Audio

– Fornet Rewards: Octane RL Backballing + Style Variants

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