Fortnite: LOUD announces hiring of influential Taspio – 09/30/2021

Fortnite: LOUD announces hiring of influential Taspio - 09/30/2021

Táspio, one of the strong names in the Brazilian scene fortnite, is the newest influencer on the LOUD team. The organization announced the hiring this Thursday (30).

LOUD invests heavily in Epic Games Battle Royale — its squad already has it laser, leliohandjob frosty, okastrin.

“A year ago I was at home with my friends, watching loud videos and thinking it was my dream to reach them. I still had 15, 20 viewers in my life, but I dreamed big and now I am here I am”, says the Sao Paulo native. 23 years old

In fact, a lot has changed: today, he already has over 260,000 followers on Twitch, where he usually broadcasts his own gameplay and even organizes events. Look at the parties of the official competitions. Your coverage of the recent closing of fortnite the champion Chain (FNCS) There were 30,000 live viewers.

Taspio is also well known in the FIFA community, a game he devoted himself to for two years before migrating to Fortnite.

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