Four women assaulted in China: The case that is shaking the country

Four women assaulted in China: The case that is shaking the country

Two of the four women attacked by a group of men in northern China are hospitalized in a case that sparked outrage in the country, officials said on Tuesday, announcing an investigation to local police.

Hebei Province Public Security Bureau said that The lengthy response to the incidents and “serious violations of law and discipline” is being investigated by the police. from Tangshan city, which It is about 150 km east of Beijing.

Aggression and public outrage reshape the debate On the malice and abuse of women in China.

aggression videos Was viewed more than 68 million times.

The police reached the spot 28 minutes after the call. According to Hebei officials. The deputy chief of the Lubei branch of the Tangshan Police responsible for the initial handling of the case was removed from office, However, the statement did not give details of the reason.

the pictures show One of the men, near the table, where the three women are seated, and puts his hand on one of the women’s backs. The woman asked him what he wanted, before shouting “You’re sick” and licking his hand.

Then the man struck the woman’s face, causing a argument, The initial prey is dragged by the hair. a group of men Outside food also joins the attack, beating women with chairs and beer bottles.

Two women were admitted to the hospital.

nine suspects Were prisoners next day. Rumors have been circulating on social media in recent days that At least one woman had died, But the statement of Hebei Public Security Bureau appears to be falsifying this information.

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The condition of both women was improving and they had suffered “minor second degree injuries”, the statement said. the other two The women suffered minor injuries and were not admitted to the hospital, the statement said.

After the attack, news surfaced about About organized crime in Tangshan and alleged links between police and criminal groups. The investigation was transferred to the police in another jurisdiction, Langfang City, which is also in Hebei province.

Hebei province’s anti-corruption body said today that five police officers are under investigation, including the head of the Lubei branch in Tangshan and at least two others from a local police station.

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