Fox News’ Tucker Carlson jokes about ‘missing mail’ bidon documents

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has been mocked for trying to explain why he failed to produce some of the documents he promised. Joe Biden.

He said the only copy of the papers he claimed was included in the claims about Biden’s son Hunter was missing.

In an excerpt from the camera, Carlson said:

On Monday, we received a collection of secret documents related to the Biden family from a source. We believe the documents are authentic, they are genuine, and they are being destroyed … We have texted a manufacturer in New York and we asked him to send the documents to us in LA … he Documents shipped to California overnight Brand with a major national carrier… But Biden’s documents never arrived in Los Angeles. On Tuesday morning we received a message from the shipping company that our package had been opened, and the contents were missing, the documents were missing.

He mentioned the delivery company, which he did not name:

They searched the ship and the trucks that carried it, they passed through the New York office where our manufacturer closed the package, they added their full capping facility. They used the images we sent so researchers could see what to look for. They moved away and beyond. But they did not find anything, the documents were missing. Till tonight the company has no idea – and no working principle – about what happened to this travel of materials, documents that are directly relevant to the presidential campaign.

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Carlson’s show has been a key contributor to conspiracy theories about Hunter Biden, trying to elaborate on his behavior in Ukraine and China and to avoid paying too much attention to recent claims in the New York Post. Tried to provoke media outlets.

Carson’s story of missing documents cut a bit of ice on social media:

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