Francisco has just joined – 01/23/2022 – Ruy Castro

Francisco has just joined - 01/23/2022 - Ruy Castro

One late afternoon the other day, Pope Francisco A flaw was found in his appointments to the Vatican. He dismissed the security guards, took a car driven by an employee and went to a record store in rome, called stereosound. I’ve known him since I was cardinal bergoglio, Archbishop of Buenos Aires, and was going to Italy on business. I can imagine the astonishment of owner Tiziana, as she saw who was entering—not the Supreme Pontiff, the religious leader of the Arabs, but his old friends, admirers of Mozart and Beethoven.

I can even imagine Francisco’s delight in arriving on shelves, reviewing records, realizing whether he already had everything or something new—a more likely hypothesis, since Pope had record label catalogs to follow. Not much time to do. Since his travels were quick, it is not known whether he had time for the great pleasure of stores of the genre: socializing with customers, discussing preferences, learning about secret releases, hearing gossip about this or that artist. .

I’m not religious and I don’t have the right to speculate, but for all the Popes I’ve been contemporary with, I can’t think of anyone else who has done something similar. Pius 12, Paul 6 and Benedict 16 were very sour; John 23, very old; John Paul I barely warmed the throne; And Joo Paulo 2º wouldn’t pass for a record store, it would go straight to a live show. I think only Francisco is still able to engage in this simple and now rare exercise: taking a record from its rapper, putting it on a plate and clicking the play button.
Tiziana presented him a CD of classical music. He accepted and thanked. But let’s not forget that in real life, Francisco is called Jorge Mario and he is from Argentina. In the past, the roar of a bandoneon in Boca was no stranger to him.

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Who knows, maybe he’ll like a sexteto mayor CD with “Adios Nonino”? With Julio Sosa, “Cambalache”? Virginia Luke, With “Nostalgias”? With Edmundo Rivero, “Garuffa”?

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