Franklin Clinton in GTA V actor says working with Rockstar Games is ‘too complicated’

Franklin Clinton in GTA V actor says working with Rockstar Games is 'too complicated'

Finally, Franklin Clinton’s actor in GTA V, Sean Fonteno, is back with a vengeance in new DLC for Online Mode.

Big gta v Launched there in 2013 and the game remains strong and strong even today with its online mode rockstar games Always releasing new updates to offer new content for players. A DLC or expansion for Story Mode for GTA V has always been highly requested by gamers, but unfortunately Rockstar never responded to fans’ request.

Recently, Rockstar decided to work on a DLC that follows the main story of the game, but this DLC is only for GTA: Online and in the end it didn’t please many players. Anyway, GTA: Contract is already available and in it we have the character of Franklin Clinton, one of the protagonists of the campaign. gta v I The revelation of the curious fate of Michael’s character,

Capa GTA: Contract
Photo: Rockstar Games

The DLC takes place after the events of the story mode and now Franklin has opened an agency “for famous people” in which he plays the famous rapper and music producer Dr. Will work with Dre. Sean Fonteno says working with Rockstar Games is complicated enough, their way of working is very different, they’re completely ‘reserved’ and you have no idea what’s going on out there, it’s a mystery. But he claims he still believed there was something going on that could involve him, but didn’t think he would ever be Franklin Clinton again.

The first additional content that continues the main story of GTA V, Contract is now available as a free update to anyone who has access to GTA Online. In addition to Franklin and Dr. Dre, the material also includes familiar faces like Lamar Davis and other new figures with whom you can partner to thrive in the criminal world.

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