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Free recharge on one phone on another phone!  Jio with great offers  Neuralink |  OnePlus |  Reliance Jio |  technology |  Technology News |  Technology News |  Tech News |  Malayalam Technology News

Reliance Jio has launched a new offer for JioPhone prepaid customers. The company has said that if you recharge one phone then you will get the second one for free. There are more offers on phones purchased in such pairs. If the user charges Rs 39 on any one of these, then the same Rs 39 plan will be available with the phone purchased. For a normal fee of Rs 39, JioPhone owners get 14 days of unlimited calls and 100MB data per day. Under the new offer, all of them will be available for 28 days instead of 14. This is a BOGO offer. Other Bogo offers have also been announced. Calls will be free on all plans.

69 recharge

This plan comes with 500 MB data per day. There will be no free SMS. Under the new offer, the Rs 69 plan will be available on both the phones. Duration is 14 days.

Rs 75 plan

This plan is valid for 28 days and offers 100 MB data per day. It is also available on purchased phones. You will also receive 50 SMS.

Rs 125 plan

The duration of this plan is 28 days. 500 MB data per day. You will also receive 300 SMS. The same plan is available on other phones as well.

Rs 155 plan

This is a plan in which 1GB data is available per day. You will also receive 100 SMS per day. Jio says that this plan will be available on other phones as well, so that the user will get 100% profit like other plans. Duration is 28 days.

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Rs 185 plan

2GB data and 100 SMS are available per day in 28 days plan. It can also be activated on the phone you received.

Rs 749 plan

This plan offers a term of 336 days. You will get 2GB data and 50 SMS per day.

Google to invest in Muscat’s Neuralink

Money is also flowing into Neuralink, another Elon Musk venture. Neuralink is an attempt to connect a processor to the human brain. Dubai-based venture capital firm Vy Capital has now invested $205 million in Neuralink in partnership with Google’s flagship company Alphabet. Initially, a Neuralink is an attempt to find solutions to problems with the nervous system. This includes Alzheimer’s and dementia. In addition, the company will initially strive to provide support to people with spinal cord injuries.

But in view of this, the company aims to work on artificial intelligence throughout humanity. The fear behind this is that with the advent of artificial intelligence machines, the importance of humans may be reduced. Anyway, Musk and the company will benefit greatly from Google’s entry. The first device released by Neuralink will be used to help people with paralysis. The device, which is attached to the inside of the skull, charges wirelessly. Musk claims that the wearer did not feel any special problem. In any case, the entry of Google, the most advanced company in the field of artificial intelligence, could give new impetus to Neuralink.

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, hearing will be held on August 27

A single bench judge of the Delhi High Court has dismissed a complaint filed by the Competition Commission of India against the implementation of WhatsApp’s controversial privacy policy. In a complaint filed by WhatsApp and Facebook against it, Chief Justice D.N. Patel’s bench will hear the matter on August 27.

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Central government issued a warning for Android, iOS and Windows users

An alert issued by the Central Government’s Computer Emergency Response Team (SERT) has warned users of Apple’s software, Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows to update their software as soon as possible. Luckily all these companies have installed security patches. Cert says that users should install them as soon as possible. Similarly, users of the ‘Signals’ messaging app on Android are required to download the latest version 5.17.3 from the Google Play Store.

offers for oneplus phones on friendship day

August 1, Friendship Day, Amazon offers discounts on various models of OnePlus. Apart from bank offers, there is a discount of up to Rs 19,550 on exchanging old phones. Other brands are also offering.

Credits: Reuters, Jio, PTI, Amazon

English Summary: Reliance Jio is offering Buy 1 Get 1 offer to JioPhone users

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