French Businesswoman on hunger strike against employee deportation | world

French Businesswoman on hunger strike against employee deportation |  world

Patricia Hivernet, owner of a French bakery, has been without food for 11 days. She went on hunger strike until Justice revoked the deportation of an employee France.

Hivernet protested the expulsion of Mamado Yaya Bah, an immigrant from Guinea-Bissau, who works as an apprentice at his establishment.

“He left his country when he was 14 years old,” Hyvant told the France Press news agency. “He deserves another chance.”

The young immigrant, now 20 years old, arrived in France unaccounted for when he was just 16 – under the care of Grenoble’s childhood wand.

When she turned 18, she began working in a bakery run by Havernutt and her husband, Henri Pierre – in the town of La Chapelle du Chattelard – close to the Swiss border.

Patricia (left) and Henri Pierre Hyvernut (right) and Mamadou Yaya Baah (center), in a prearranged photo at the family’s bakery in a town in La Chapelle-du-Chatelard (France) – photo / reproduction / facebook / soliderisweya

According to the businessman, she has already applied for a permanent residence application for Yaya. Along with the papers, they can be officially hired by the bakery and contribute to French social security.

Ain Department prosecutors told AFP that an order to expel the French territory was issued – still in November 2018 – against Yaya, but that “her position could be reassessed”.

Baker organized a petition on the Internet asking the young immigrant to stay. By the last update of this report, more than 11,300 signatures were collected.

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