Friday, December 25 | Summary of the day

Friday, December 25 |  Summary of the day

The novel Coronavac follows: After two postponements, Sarkar Sao Paulo says it will release data on the effectiveness of the defense against Kovid-19 by 7 January. In his traditional Christmas message, Pope Francis urges countries to share vaccines: ‘We can’t build walls.’ A brutal crime of female homicide in Rio de Janeiro shakes the country. Hey Former husband, who murdered the judge in front of the couple’s three daughters He will be arrested immediately.

The SP government announced that it would disclose Coronavac effectiveness by 7 January

After two postponements, the São Paulo government should release data on the effectiveness of Coronavac January 7, 2021, According to the information obtained by G1 With the State Institute of Management and Butanan. The results of the tests on the vaccine against Kovid-19 were to be announced last Wednesday (23) – developed by Butnan in partnership with Chinese pharmaceutical company Synovac. Earlier, the forecast was December 15. According to the government of São Paulo, the countries where the studies took place, the results were postponed at the request of the Chinese manufacturer. Yesterday, SP’s health secretary, Jean Gorinchiten, said Coronavac did not reach 90% effectiveness In tests conducted in Brazil, Turkey declared to the contrary.

SP enters temporary red phase to contain advance of Kovid-19

SP enters temporary red phase to contain advance of Kovid-19

São Paulo returns to the red phase by this Sunday (27) to try to halt the progress of the coronovirus epidemic during quarantine. The most restrictive measure of the Sao Paulo government’s prevention plan will also take place on January 1, 2 and 3, 2021 as a New Year holiday in all areas of the state. Only essential services will be able to function. See what opens and closes.

Brazil recorded 483 deaths from Kovid-19 in 24 hours. Thus, the trend of increasing average of deaths is of stability on the second day. The country has recorded 190,515 deaths and 7,447,625 cases since the onset of the epidemic. See detailed data.

In his traditional blessing “Urbi et Orbi” (“For the city and the world”), Pope Francis asked that Nations shared Kovid-19 vaccines: “We can’t build walls”. The pontiff emphasized that the epidemic is “a challenge that knows no boundaries”.

Queen Elizabeth II Announces Traditional Christmas

Queen Elizabeth II Announces Traditional Christmas

In traditional Christmas accents, Queen Elizabeth II said that what many people want on a date is a simple necklace. The emperor recalled that this moment was difficult for those who had lost loved ones due to the Kovid-19 epidemic and also for those who were separated by measures of social isolation. Watch the video above.

Coronavirus mutation

Coronavirus mutation – photo: J.N.

South Africa’s Health Minister Jwelini Makhisay said that there is no evidence that D. New coronavirus virus identified in South Africa It is more dangerous or contagious than the UK registered version. Hey Brazil starts banning entry of passengers Coming from European country as of this Friday. United States will need a negative test Kovid-19, up to 72 hours before departure. And this Russia established two-week quarantine Arrival for Britain.

Bolsonaro denied the Supreme Court that the federal government's lapses in the fight against deforestation

Bolsonaro denied the Supreme Court that the federal government’s lapses in the fight against deforestation

In response to the Federal Supreme Court (STF), President Jair Bolsonaro denied that the government is silent on deforestation. Bolsonaro provided information set by Minister Carmen Lucia, who would decide on an action submitted by the Sustainability Network. In action, the party points out the government’s flaws in its environmental protection policy and asks the STF to set concrete measures to control defecation.

The judge is murdered by her ex-husband in front of her daughters, R.J.

The judge is murdered by her ex-husband in front of her daughters, R.J.

A barbaric crime on Christmas Eve. Judge Vivian Veera performed Amaral Aronenzi, 45, was murdered by her ex-husband in front of three daughters. The engineer was Paulo Jose Aronenzi caught in the act, And this was on friday Converted to temporary prison deterrent. He kept quiet in the police station. The murder was recorded in a video that aired on the social network. In the recording, the children ask the father to stop beating the judge. For the police, the engineer prioritized crime.

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Vehicle explosion in Nashville, US injured and damage to buildings

Vehicle explosion in Nashville, US injured and damage to buildings

Three people were injured in a vehicle explosion in Nashville, US. Local police called it a “deliberate act”, But still no information on suspects or motivations for the crime. According to officials, 20 buildings in the area were damaged and many vehicles were destroyed.

Water shortage affects many families in Venezuela – Photo: Getty Images / BBC Breeding

This year it will record the largest contraction in the world economy since 1946 as a result of the effects of the epidemic. For Latin America, the situation was worse. According to the Economic Commission of Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), the region suffered the biggest drop in gross domestic product (GDP) in more than a century. Check out 6 Latin American economies that fell the most in 2020.

Photograph of the 2004 collection of Rancho Neverland by Michael Jackson depicts the facade; Place sold for $ 22 million – Photo: AP Photo / Mark J. Terrill, Archivo

Michael Jackson’s Neverland ranch in California was property Sold to US billionaire Ron Berkeley For a fairly low price of US $ 22 million, approximately R $ 114 million. The venue was initially offered in 2015 for $ 100 million.

Following the trials, California will release autonomous vehicles to be delivered – Photo: NURO / BBC

MC Niak is the artist who spent the longest time at the helm of streaming in Brazil in 2020 – Photo: Condzilla / Disclosure

Davy Alexandre Magalehes de Almeida topped the Spotify ranking in Brazil in 2020 for 95 days. By adding hits like “Oh Juliana” (65 days) and “Na Raba Leeta Tapo” (30), no man stands at number 1 more than MC O Niyak. Hey The survey considers the daily ranking of the 200 most heard tracks in Brazil on Spotify from 1 January to 15 December 2020 in Brazil.

Scene from ‘Soul’ – Photo: Disclosure

Pixar’s “Soul” debuts on the Disney + Video platform this Friday – away from theaters due to the Kovid-19 epidemic. Animation is one of the company’s funniest in recent years and presents an admirable balance between children’s language and visuals, leaving adults thinking for days with a mature and open message. Read more.

The Rio Metropolitan Cathedral Christmas lunch tradition has also been maintained with epidemics

The Rio Metropolitan Cathedral Christmas lunch tradition has also been maintained with epidemics

Volunteers of the “Miso Somos do Bem” initiative distributed around 300 Christmas Kits for Homeless People in Rio. The lunch is a tradition of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Rio, which was also maintained during the Kovid-19 epidemic. Watch the video above.

German tradition states that Pelznickel is Mato’s assistant to Santa Claus – Photo: Disclosure / Lucas Wippel

Have you heard of “Santa Claus of the Mato”? Pelznickels – the great character of Germanic folklore (photo) – leave the “bush” at Christmas in the town of Guriruba (SC) to see how children behave. In this epidemic year, traditions had to be adapted to avoid agglomerations. see photos.

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