From MUP Furniture to Software

From MUP Furniture to Software

The company Prointer, which is publicly associated with Slavica Koकेe, a member of the SNS and former president of the Football Association of Serbia, has secured 17 public purchases in the past year – either independently or with other companies. in the union. Prointar as the best bidder – individually or in a group – Elektroprivreda Srbije, GSP Belgrade, Ministry of the Interior, Official Gazette, National Employment Service, but awarded the contract by Jugoimport SDPR, Secretariat for Finance of Belgrade City, JKP Parking to be done. servis… a, the procurement of cases was varied – from the purchase of laser printers and scanners, through software consulting services and maintenance of information systems, to the purchase of furniture for the Ministry of the Interior.

Secretariat for Finance of the City of Belgrade On 2 September the company Prointer Sistem do Belgrade was awarded a contract with VAT in a public procurement of 61.2 million dinars.. These are consulting and service services for the solution of system software (SAP ERP solutions) at the level of indirect budget users – for 30 cultural institutions, tourist organizations of Belgrade, Children’s Resorts and Rehabilitation Centers of Belgrade, Children’s Shelter Center Belgrade and Center for Social Entrepreneurship.

A simple search of the public procurement portal provides data on a total of 17 public procurements – from 11 August 2020 to 2 September 2021 – for which Prointer, a company affiliated with Slavica Kocze, was selected as a bidder, although as its sole proprietor. As and from October 2018 the director entered the APR register – Ivana Razik.

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Source : Screenshots / Public Procurement Portal

According to the Business Registers Agency, Pointer System Do was founded in December 2012. The founder was Zoran Stojanov, who “left” from the register of companies two years later, and Slobodan Kvargi was registered as founder and director, who would remain in that position until October 2018.

according to insider, how effective the Pronter became to do business with the state in that period is best shown by the fact that tAround 2012, Prointer won only one, and in 2016, won over 150 tenders. – From the introduction of the information system to the purchase of printers and toners.

The business relationship between Kvrgić and Kokeza was written off in 2017.

then it is, again According to Insider ResearchSlavica Kokeza (in early July 2017), then president of the Football Association of Serbia, sold the Eurosalon factory to Slobodan Kvargi, owner of Prointer and Alta. “From the same man, Kvrgi, Slavica Kokeza, he bought the same factory only two and a half years ago, but – for five times less money,” the insider tells.

That Kokeza was the owner of the Eurosalon factory can be seen from the documents available on the website of the Business Register agency.

Kokeza Alti Eurosalon Factory Source APR
Source : screenshot / april

Today, the sole owner of the Eurosalon factory is Prointer Sistem du.

The same business address entered in the APR register is: Prointer sistem doo, Eurosalon factory, Prointer-WEB (owned by Ivana Razik, who is also registered as Prointer Systems owner). Then, Slovenian company Iskratel owned Iskratel Prointer – 45 percent stake, Slovenian citizen Tihomir Rajlik – 10 percent, Company Prorate Belgrade at the same address as Prointer (which otherwise operated under the name Prointer IT Solutions until January 2020, when The name change was registered) with 35 percent share and – Ivana Razik with ten percent share. Energostoft ITSS (owned by Prointer Systems) has the same address in its business books.

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purchase partner

Over the past year, the company Prointer has been participating in public procurement either independently – as in a job announced by the Secretariat for Finance of the City of Belgrade, or as a member of a group of bidders, as in the job it found. Eurosalon factory at the Serbian Ministry of the Interior.

More precisely, the job of 2.25 million dinars, in the case of the public purchase of furniture for the Ministry of the Interior, was won on 11 May this year by a group of bidders: the Eurosalon factory and Pronter-Webb, which officially owned In it is Ivana Rajic, who is also the owner of Prointer Systems.

Source : public procurement portal

Only three days later, the same two companies sign a contract for another job – worth 448,531 dinars, also announced by the Interior Ministry, and also – furniture.

Source : public procurement portal

By the way, in accordance with the framework agreement signed by the Interior Ministry with several bidders (including Eurosalon Factory Group and Pronter-Webb) at the end of April this year, this Ministry announced the purchase of panel furniture (tables, cabinets). , etc.), chairs, chairs and others. metal furniture.

From programming to tax consulting

The Prointer website states that it is “pioneer”. A company in Serbia and the region for the provision of services and implementation of solutions in the field of information technology “.

“Printer permanently oversees achievements in the design, development and implementation of highly reliable, secure and flexible IT business solutions and technology-based systems that enable problem solving in the most demanding and critical business sectors ,” the company’s website reads.

According to official data from APR, the company Prointer (Prointer sistem doo) was initially registered for computer programming in 2012. Seven years later – on March 13, 2019, he changed his principal activity to – accounting, bookkeeping and auditing and tax consulting.

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