Full-size comparison: against Galaxy A52, A52 5G and A72 predecessors

Full-size comparison: against Galaxy A52, A52 5G and A72 predecessors

A samsung Official on this Wednesday (17) The new cell phones of the Galaxy A line are: A52, A52 5G and A72. The Korean manufacturer’s focus was to bring premium features, found only in the top series, now to its middlemen.

But how do they develop what their predecessors had in the previous generation of smartphones? To understand this, TudoCelular has prepared a full-size comparison for you. Check it out:

17 March

Galaxy A52 and A72: Specifies

15 March

Screen and design

On screen, the new trio of devices found similar sizes in their respective predecessors – 6.5 inches for the A52, A52 5G and A51; And 6.7 inches to A72 and A71 models.

It is other performance characteristics that make the difference. Among them is the progress in refresh rate. Until last year, the Galaxy A line had a 60 Hz panel, now Samsung has implemented a 90 Hz display on 4G devices and 120 Hz on 5G devices.

There are still some changes in the look, with notebooks becoming larger and heavier for the 2021 series despite the screen size. Also, in the rear, the camera block is now the same as the rest of the body.

Another inclusion coincided with the advent of IP67 certification, for water and dust resistance, a feature that was found only in the brand’s flag.

The hardware

In internal components, Samsung updated the mobile platforms with new versions, the biggest change being both from the A51 to the A52. Last year was the Exynos 9611 chipset, now the newly launched Qualcomm hardware – Snapdragon 720G to LTE and Snapdragon 750G to 5G variant.

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The company also put the same 720G in the Galaxy A72 to make the Snapdragon 730 in the A71 a success. In other words, the hardware of the A52 is now similar to the “big brother” – something that didn’t happen in 2020.

Among the memoirs, the latest was the only development of the Galaxy A51. It had 4 GB of RAM, now all cells already deliver 6 GB, in addition to 128 GB of internal storage.

In the battery, it was increased to 500 mAh from the previous generation in two segments of the Galaxy A line.


For photos, the set continued with four cameras, but there are differences compared to last year: the A51 had a 48MP sensor, which has now shifted to 64MP on the A52 – just as it did on the A71.

However, the Galaxy A72 replaced the tertiary depth sensor for telephoto lenses with optical zoom three times. This is the feature Samsung brought from the top of the line for premium intermediaries of the time, as well as optical image stabilization for the new full trio.

Both the front camera and support for 4K video at 30 fps on the main front have been retained for the newly announced generation, but for now the brand highlights the possibility of capturing 8MP images during filming.

So, do you think the Galaxy A line had major developments from the 2020 generation to 2021? Share your opinion with us!

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(Update March 17, 2021, 10:04 pm)

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