Fun fact: PS5 development kit appears to be for sale on eBay

Fun fact: PS5 development kit appears to be for sale on eBay

Earlier today, a pair of PlayStation 5 development kits reportedly appeared on eBay before being pulled from the auction site within hours.

The items — a DFI-D1000AA development kit and a DFI-T1000AA test kit — were originally found by Twitter users Zuby Tech and iDCx1337 (via). Kotaku), who were able to remove images from the list before they disappeared. A screenshot from the eBay page indicates that the two consoles managed to hit 2,850 euros (about $3,373) after 12 bids.

While the test kit looks almost identical to the PlayStation 5 retail model (well, aside from the large test seal on the back), the dev kit images highlight the unique V-shaped construction used in the pre-release’s patent. Photographed for the short eBay listing were two all-black DualSense controls.

However, any random person who gets their hands on these PlayStation 5 kits doesn’t guarantee that they’ll be able to use them. When a Reddit user bought a similar PlayStation 4 console during a 2016 auction, the now-defunct developer sleeping dogs, United Front Games, built-in security measures prevented them from accessing the console’s 800GB of data. You also couldn’t play PlayStation 4 retail games. It’s possible that the consoles you see on eBay today have similar odds.

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