Galaxy S10: Bug in One UI 3.1 renders phone applications useless; See how to get around this

Galaxy S10: Bug in One UI 3.1 renders phone applications useless;  See how to get around this

Users of Samsung’s software reported the presence of the following defect while using the smartphone: “ turned off”. Apparently the problem only affects the Galaxy S10, which recently received an update to the current version of the system.

To try to resolve the error until the company provides a new software update, it is possible to follow a few steps:

  • Access the Settings application> Applications;
  • Look for the “telephone” application;
  • Go to “Storage Memory” in the lower right corner and then “Empty Cache”;
  • Return to the Applications panel and look for the “Sim Services” application;
  • Tap on “Storage Memory” again and then on “Empty Cache” in the lower right corner.

few days back Samsung started distributing One UI 3.0 and Android 11 for the Galaxy S10 line, making many owners of these smartphones happy with the arrival of the novelty.

However, South Korean decided to interrupt the update, removing the package from its server. Currently it is not possible to download it via OTA or smart switch.

We still do not have the official status of the brand in relation to this decision, however, everything indicates that it was due to bugs that would need to be fixed before the update could be delivered.

Some users were reporting problems with overheating, while others were talking about faults on the camera, which, honestly speaking, is already a good enough reason for Sammy to stop OTAs.

Through firmware G97xFXXU9ETLJ Users were not only rewarded with many new features of One UI 3.0, but also a security package for Android in January 2021.

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Now, it is waiting for Samsung to fix all the necessary errors and send the Galaxy S10 line phones back to One UI 3.0 and Android 11, which probably shouldn’t take long to happen.

Do you have a galaxy s10? Did you notice the bug? Tell us, comment!

(Update March 8, 2021, 21:22)

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