Gallo da Madraguda will sing in the sky with Ennis, Capiba and Sao Pedro

Gallo da Madraguda will sing in the sky with Ennis, Capiba and Sao Pedro

Cock won’t sing. The streets of Reiki City will feel the pain of emptiness.

In heaven, the story is different.

Enes Fryer – Ninha – confirmed the fate of a true leader. In front of the eternal carnival at Recife, he announced: “There will be a parade of rooster here in heaven”. He did not suspect Enos, who turned a block of hundred revelers into the neighborhood of Sao Jose into the world’s largest mass event.

Capiba, however, usually uttered with an accent, asked: “Whoever has performed a miracle, Nina, you are not yet a saint.”

“I have set an audience with Sao Pedro. You, Nelson Ferreira, Matias da Rocha and Joanna Batista (Wasourinh’s black co-authors), Mario Cheves (author of Gallo Anthem) and Nana Vasconcellos, will be part of the committee. For permission and support for the heavenly parade “.

Pedro, attentive, heard this argument: “This was what was missing. But we have an example: When I heard the sound of a bang on the door on March 6, 1916, I thought, ‘This is Naan’. Another One was. Genius, he convinced me to submit to MARACAC, U, a work that was calmed down by rain, lightning, and thunder, sun and moon, hand in hand, clouds with other and silver waves. Illuminated a phase of. It has become our orchestra that enlivens. Harmonic melody of universal love with a diversity of souls.

They all imagined, before the zeal of the heavenly authority that the parade was in conversation. Nothing! Sao Pedro’s aim was: “Parade there in Recife”! Enes, stunned, shocked: “Sao Pedro, you know millions of people have already died. Because of the plague of viruses and … what does the roster have to do with it? There can be no raging. Here in heaven , We have been vaccinated, all wearing masks and lots of alcohol. “

Pedro took a breath: “Well, the devil’s virus doesn’t rule here. The rooster will sing in the sky”. party! With all his arms, he promised everyone in one voice: “The cock’s voice is the voice of life; the cock does not sing out of time; the cock is the first ray of light in the world of darkness; the cock does not deny it even once , Does not even thrice; hen crows weave the threads of life, the crowd of roosters, with the permission of João Cabral, ‘becomes heavy on the canvas among all, if they rise in a tent, let everyone know Give; ‘.

Mount on cock 2020 – mask – Photo: TIÃO SIQUEIRA / JC IMAGEM

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