Game release date and gameplay continues

Game release date and gameplay continues

This Friday (28), Ubisoft Revealed a lot of information about Far Cry 6, From gameplay video and character presentation to new game release dates.

Far Cry 6 Will hit the shops on the day October 7, For PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Google Stadia. The gameplay trailer showcases many aspects of the gameplay, in addition to a large variety of weapons and equipment.

The video also features the game’s protagonist Dani Rojas, who aims to bring down the villain Anton castillo, used to live Giancarlo Esposito. One of the novelties is that Dani can be played as a female character, but even as a male character, it is left to the player to choose.

watch the trailer:

Below, you can see the essence of the game:

“In Far Cry 6, players are immersed in the chaotic and adrenaline-fueled world of the modern guerrilla revolution. Welcome to Yara, a tropical paradise frozen over time. As Yara’s dictator, Anton Castillo brings his Following in the bloody footsteps, along with his son Diego, somehow intends to restore his country to its former glory. Become a guerrilla and burn his rule to the ground. Dani Rosas (a female or male character As playable), you will help light the fire of revolution through the green jungles of Yara Island, from the green forests to the urban streets of the capital, Esperanza. You can use a powerful array of weapons and vehicles. Will, and create a network of allies to fight with you, including the dangerously distracted sausage dog. As President Castillo prepares his son Diego, called by Anthony Gonzalez (‘Viva: A Vida a Uma Festa’) Is enacted, in order for them to succeed, you will do everything possible to ensure That your plans do not materialize. “

Far Cry 6 Will be available for console PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and for PC.

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