Gasoline carrying train collides with truck and causes explosion

Gasoline carrying train collides with truck and causes explosion

A nine-axle truck loaded with a barrel of gas collided and exploded on a highway in the US state of Texas yesterday morning. No one was injured in the accident.

Out of a total of 110 wagons, 13 derailed, five of which were gasoline, helping to extinguish the fire for several hours. The location of the incident classified the accident area as officials exposed to hazardous material.

Police received a report about the accident at 6:45 am (local time) and called the emergency support team for first aid. Despite the explosion, no one was injured in the crash and both the train staff and the truck driver were able to give their certificates of accident to the authorities.

“As a precaution, local authorities have set up an evacuation zone with a radius of 800 meters near the site. The reason for this is under investigation,” Courtney Wallace, BNSF (train maintenance company) director of communications, told Fox News told.

As a preventive measure, the police yesterday evacuated the houses closest to the accident site, and appealed to citizens to refrain from going on Highway 90.

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