Gastronomy rediscovered itself with the digital connection

Gastronomy rediscovered itself with the digital connection

It is wrong to think that the food sector sells itself, especially after the pandemic that changed the economy food service. In addition to being present in marketplaces – such as iFood, Rappi and Uber Eats –, restaurants and bars need to deliver experiences to capture the attention of customers who start consuming with brands that care about the present moment .

With this new perspective and expertise in the A&B sector, head of marketing Leads to ten years of operations serving large clients such as Sodexo and Ajinomoto, in addition to working with companies in France, Australia and the United States.

According to Juliana Avila, communicator and co-founder of Marketing Chef, investing in marketing is as important as designing a menu for the establishment. “Without communicating, no one knows you exist. And by communicating properly, the business will reach its right audience”, he defended. For 2022, the agency promises to take an information product out of the oven for small entrepreneurs to learn better about the sector and apply it to their business.

Watch Julianna Avila’s interview metros How advertising and gastronomy can go together and transform consumer travel.

In times of pandemic, has gastronomic competition become even more fierce with markets such as Rappi, iFood and Uber Eats firming up? How can food marketing reinvent itself?

The marketplace gave small and medium businesses a place to test digital and its distribution operations. Today, we can say that gastronomic marketing can reinvent itself through the new connections that digital can provide. In the past, they only talked about good food, and the consumer experience was experienced only in the establishment. Today it takes longer than that, the end consumer needs to feel an experience from digital to actually consume the products/services in installation/delivery.

Is the food at the establishment more than just food, is it a gastronomic experience? Are the decorations, unusual dishes and drinks part of the strategy?

On the whole, although not many establishments see it. Any point of contact with the consumer can represent an experience, as long as the owner of the establishment carries with it a brand concept/meaning. Why is your brand there? What is your purpose as a business? When we think about decorations, dishes, drinks, music, ingredients, it is essential to think about the message we want to convey to the masses. It builds you recognition and earns you brand ambassadors along the way.

How to Use Content Marketing for Food Service?

Today the priority is to invest in good pictures and videos on social networks. Content on the reels has been our focus, as they reach more people on social networks and as a result more people get to know the business. We believe that nowadays, social networks are an extension of the shop window of the establishment. In addition, the content of the work branded content – subject and trends One that rolls into the present and the moment – ​​helping to establish long-term relationships with users.

What about relationship marketing?

There are technologies to add to our work. These days having customer data is considered gold as it allows the establishment to build a long-term relationship with its customer. Therefore, we cannot ignore a satisfaction survey or a good website strategy to get this information. Second, there are social networks, which allow this relationship to be updated weekly with customers, as well as transmit a connection between brand x customers.

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What is the most important moment in the consumer journey?

The most important moment, in my opinion, is after the sale. If he has a good experience in your establishment, I mean, from start to finish, he will definitely come back. The success of an establishment is not how many customers it gets in a day, but rather how many customers it manages to return.

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