Gay men arrested for kissing on the beach in Mexico | Bizarre

Gay men arrested for kissing on the beach in Mexico |  Bizarre
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Gay men are arrested for kissing on the beach

three men Gay
Detained by police on a Mexican beach. The two of them were kissing and it was an “obscene act of exhibitionism” alleging the complaint of one person. He was handcuffed and put into a car, but was supported by a crowd of bathing men and released by police.

According to FOX 5, the act took place on February 21 on the beach of Zazil Qin in Tulum city. The Marita Esclante Morales recorded videos of the men being detained and posted the records on Facebook. “We are gay and they are arresting us for this,” one of the men who was being arrested.

A crowd of bathing men surrounded the vehicle and it was possible to hear more than one person shouting phrases like “I’m gay too” and “Homophobia Not”. After that support, all three men, who are Canadians, were released.

Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission said it opened an investigation into the case. The agency said it was a “possible violation of human rights” perpetrated by the police. The commission also said that it plans to work with the Tulum police to prevent possible acts of discrimination in the future.

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