Ghost? A strange figure caught on camera hanging around a baby’s crib; view image

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Tori Mackenzie decided to put a camera in her grandson’s room to monitor the children’s sleep and had a real surprise.

Do you believe in ghosts? A bizarre case of a possible “phantom from across” terrified one woman. America. Tori Mackenzie opted to install a camera in her grandson’s room to monitor the children’s sleep after one of them, Amber Mackenzie, revealed that she was talking to “something invisible” in the middle of the night.

A ghostly apparition stuns the woman – Photo: Reproduction

While examining the recorded images, the woman panicked when she noticed a strange figure walking near her grandson’s crib. The episode took place in Nevado and was released by the DailyMail portal. This image is visible in the images around 3:00 am.

“When I saw it it was so shocking. I had to do a double test. The first thing I saw was the horns on your head, so you immediately think it’s the devil or the devil. I ran home and met my eldest son We were just in shock and he couldn’t even explain it, ”Tori told the portal.

Tori also reveals that the discovery caused fear for the lives of her grandchildren because, days before the recording, her granddaughter was seen by her parents while warning an invisible intruder to “go away”. saw.

“Everyone was sleeping, so it could not have been my son or his wife. We still have pictures of them there and it doesn’t look like any of them. I know it’s supernatural,” he said.

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