ghost cat? A few days after the funeral, the kitten resurfaces and frightens the family.

ghost cat?  A few days after the funeral, the kitten resurfaces and frightens the family.

Rachel, besides her husband and kittens, rose from the ashes

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Published 06/19/2021 19:49 | Updated 06/19/2021 20:02

The family of British Rachel Fitzsimmons had an experience that was, at least, curious. It all started with the disappearance of her 16-year-old kitten, Frankie, on May 19, which left the family desperate.

Rachel, her husband, and their two children find Frankie everywhere in the town of Warrington, where they live in England. After a few days of searching, with no trace of the beloved animal, the family was told that a highway agency team found a dead cat on the street and took it to a veterinary hospital.

Rachel said in an interview to the BBC that all of the kitten’s features match those of the Fitzsimmons family pet: “The spots matched her and we lived near the highway, so we were sure it was her.” Professionals tried to officially identify the pet via microchip, but this was not possible due to the severity of the injuries.

Certain that the cat was indeed Frankie, without recognizing the pet’s body, the family followed their sentiments and held a ceremony to say goodbye to the much-loved pet, which would be cremated.

What seemed like a harsh farewell had already become the story of a haunted movie. A few days passed and no one except Frankie himself came to the door of the house, leaving his guardians completely lost.

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The cat they moaned and said goodbye was there, in one piece. “Then he came back, weak and hungry but alive. We all cry and we are still in shock! He is so lucky!” Rachel announced.

We cremated someone else’s cat!” the family speculated. “We’d like to know which pet we cremated”, completes Frankie’s teacher. Despite finding out that the cat was cremated did not belong to the family, and without knowing who their true guardians were, the pet’s ashes are still there, just as they were. Even unknown, he was a small animal and deserved all the respect he deserved. deserves and, from time to time, receives a meeting with the real Frankie.

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