Giant bear is filmed fishing on a boat with a roller coaster and impacts the web

Giant bear is filmed fishing on a boat with a roller coaster and impacts the web

Young Veronika Dichka, who lives in Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia, was photographed and filmed with a giant bear “fishing” with her on a boat.

Recorded in a photoshoot, the two were resting on a lake in the woods near the city.

Two years ago, Russian rescued Archie Bear from a safari that was unsuccessful and has been raising him as a pet ever since. Both – like best friends – enjoy each other’s company and do not miss the opportunity to be together.

And one of those lovely moments was photographed and filmed. The two of you can be seen in a boat holding a fishing pole and hugging each other as if they are sharing long-standing stories. The connection is such that everyone who sees it gets affected. check out:

according to daily Mail, the plantigrade mammal has spent its entire life in captivity and found its true family in Veronica. The pair are always on the lookout for adventure, especially in the water, as Archie loves the atmosphere.

“He sees me as a member of his family, we share a meal, [ele] When he is scared he falls asleep in my arms and hides behind me.”

Russian is in love with her friend and wanted to record this partnership in a photo shoot and the pictures were enchanting. Eye:








Have you ever thought of making such a great friend? You won’t need to walk the streets in fear, because no one will dare to approach you. All kidding… leave in the comments what you love to do with your pet, we’d love to know.

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