‘Giant’ meteor shower could be seen in ES this Thursday

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This Thursday (12) astronomy lovers will have a surprise at dawn: a meteor shower, is considered huge. The good news is that this phenomenon can be seen from Espirito Santo

For residents of Greater Vittoria or centers with too much lighting, however, observation can be poor.

Marcio Malacarne, coordinator of the Gaturamo Astronomical Observatory, explains that the best environments for observations are in the dark regions.

“This is a meteor shower, and it will be possible to see millions of bright streaks, popularly known as shooting stars. And they can be seen with the naked eye, but the darker the field, the better the observation, Malacarne told Outside.

If residents of Greater Vitoria want to see it, the coordinator recommends the Parque da Fonte Grande in the center of the capital.

“The biggest event, the Perseids, is a shower of meteors coming in the same direction. We have meteor showers all year round, but it promises to be huge”, Malacarne concluded.

Check the calendar with the main events:

Combination of Moon towards Venus: Day 11, after sunset; will broadcast live with guest from Goa region;

– Perseid Meteor Shower: 11 and 12 August. According to the observatory, this will be the best rain of the year due to the new moon phase. There will be dozens of meteors per hour. However, it should be away from city lights. The best time is dawn on the 12th.

– Jupiter in opposition, ie easy to observe: 19 August. Best night of observation. Visible throughout the night. This is the best month to see the giant planet.

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– Mercury and Mars conjunction: After evening on the 18th, both will drown in the twilight lights. For viewing it is necessary to have a clearly visible western horizon.

– Saturn and Jupiter conjunct a nearly full moon: August 20 and August 21 (respectively the day before the full moon (22/08). Both are the most visible stars on the eastern horizon, after dark.

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