Giant shark eats humpback whale and tourists applaud

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A group of tourists who went to watch a whale trip, ended up capturing a terrifying moment. Two great white sharks feasting on the carcass of a dead humpback whale off the coast of Massachusetts (USA).

Although somewhat frightening, the scene was classified as “amazing” by tourists and the director of Captain John Boats, a company specializing in whale watching tours in the country.

Video shows hunter cetacean carcass from eating coffin, with full force of the jaw. The company’s Facebook profile also revealed that a second great white shark – an even bigger one – had joined the feast and helped eat the animal.

“This afternoon’s trip went to the Book of Records,” begins the account given by John Bates.

The story continues, “We started our journey by seeing an unfortunately dead whale. While we were there, two giant white sharks came to celebrate.”

Some tourists described the scene on social media as the “most amazing” experience they’ve ever had.

some sailors who were on the boat guessed the size of one of the sharks 5.5 m

“The people on board were very excited. There was a lot of screaming, ‘Oh my God! Wow!'” said the tour guide, John Goggins.

Experts heard by Mirror say video shows why the diver should never come near whale carcass not the sea.

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