Giulia Be talks about her international career and reveals her debut: “Always looking for a story to tell” – Who

Giulia Be talks about her international career and reveals her debut: "Always looking for a story to tell" - Who

Giulia Be (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

giula bay Exciting clip of 2 wordswith rumulo arantis nato, The single is the first in Spanish by the singer, who is spending time in Miami to invest in his international career, after signing a global editorial management contract with Sony Music Publishing. Excited, Giulia talks proudly about the new stage in conversation by video call, but recalls her origins: “Oh, I miss the summer in Brazil. I’m from Rio. In the heat of Rio de Janeiro. Born and raised”.

“I’m living in Miami right now, because I’m working on an EP. I’m working with people who bring new musical possibilities to me. Every new single has a new effect on my personality. Miami almost The best city is Brazil. There’s a lot of Brazilian here. It’s the closest to Brazil in the United States that I can be”, jokes the singer, who is a mystery about the new feats.

“I have a few songs that I’ve collaborated on with a few other artists. It’s really nice to have this exchange with singers apart from me. I’m learning a lot and waking up to new horizons. I’m with them I’m doing things I never imagined I’ll meet. Everyone gets these different fusions of what I’m doing. But I can’t talk about it right now. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it a lot Will take”, he promised.

Giulia Be (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

Giulia Be (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

Giulia also celebrates professional maturity. “I started out very young. It would be crazy for me to think that the artist I belonged to when I was 19 (when she released her hits) if my life was a movie And loose girl) will remain the same forever. I’m getting deeper into the music, and see different people listening to me, supporting me. I was taking courage, sorting out insecurities. I think it’s normal. I was growing up. I am trying to bring that change into my career.”

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“Understanding who I want to be as an artist today, which is already very different from what I wanted to be in the beginning. It’s been a really cool journey. It’s a discovery and my fans have loved it.” Has supported me in every version of me. As I write a lot based on my personal life, my music is a little bit mine. It heals me and helps me overcome my issues. My music is my personal There is much more to do with development”, he added.

The Brazilian began singing while covering and promoting on the web. “Dil wahi raha hai to that dreamy 17 year old girl who created a YouTube channel and sent out videos for all to see. Nowadays, singing in other languages, I think how lucky I was and that I met amazing people got in my way, like myself louisa sonzaWho has always encouraged me in everything I do”, thank you.

Henry Zaga and Giulia B (Photo: Disclosure/Netflix)

Henry Zaga and Giulia B (Photo: Disclosure/Netflix)

Giulia Be reveals her debut in cinema as an actress
With caution, Giulia tackles a new professional challenge during the pandemic by accepting an invitation to star in the film. after the universewith Henry Zaga (from the American series teen wolf), for Netflix. “Last year, I was asked to audition for a film and I passed. From September to January this year, we filmed. It is a very beautiful story of a pianist named Nina, who finds out that He has lupus. We all show plays. His life was battling the disease until he became a pianist in the So Paulo Orchestra”, he explains.

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The artist says that he also used a little bit of his experience in Seventh Art to create the new clip. “It was a story that I fell in love with as soon as I read it. I’m so glad it worked. This experience with cinema was fundamental to bringing more art into my music. I’m a singer who’s always watching the story.” To narrate. I wrote the soundtrack. Even from the film. Whatever I learned on the sets, I am bringing in my videos”, he concluded.

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